Brakes Repair

Maintaining your vehicle's brakes is very important. Brake pads and rotors are primary components in your vehicle's braking system. If your rotors and pads are low, the braking power would be reduced, and this can be a safety hazard.

Tune Up

Regular maintenance check such as tune-ups can significantly save you trouble in the long run. Some of the benefits are avoiding major breakdowns, save gas, reliability, lowering emissions and restoring engine power.


A vehicle's suspension is key to comfortability and smoothness. Worn suspension components can reduce the stability of the vehicle and minimize driver control.


Your engine's cooling system is vital to your engine's health & protection. If there is a leak within your engine's cooling system, it can lead to serious damages and serious repairs. Stop driving it and bring it to us, prevent a problem before it can lead to serious damages.


We are here to help with any problem that you may have! We can take a look at your check engine light, vibration issues, squealing or unknown noises, we do it all! Bring it to us! We promise we are worth your time.


For other services(bushings, lights, etc) or questions please call our number at (813) 533-6497.