Over time, dirt can cause corrosion and decrease the life of an engine. Regularly changing your oil and oil filter will help remove particles and keeps your engine clean.


Maintaining your brakes are a vital thing to having a safe ride. Brakes are the most critical safety system in your vehicle. Being able to slow down or stop at moments will help prevent an accident or help avoid one.


Tires are crucial to every vehicle's performance and comfort. Regularly inspecting your tires will help prevent a blowout, a flat, or an accident.


In Florida, A/C is going to be needed. Especially in this hot and humid weather. Keep your car cool and increase your gas mileage with regular A/C checks.


Is the check engine light on? We have the best software and tools in the industry. A check engine light can mean anything ranging from small problems to big ones.


Your cooling system in your vehicle is an extremely important system. Antifreeze/coolant runs through your engine cooling the system so it does not overheat.


We are an auto repair shop that is committed to helping the community by providing the expertise, value, and respectfulness you expect. Mitch has been working on cars since he was 14. With all the years of experience being an auto mechanic, he decided to open a shop because of all the shady unfair businesses. Mitch wants to help the community out by giving them rates that will not disappoint you! Mitch will take care of you as a family member.


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